Itchy & Stiff on display at Vancouver Olympics

Joanna Berzowska presents Skorpions and Captain Electric at Electromode, currated by Valerie Lamontagne, at the Code Live Wearable Exhibition, at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The exhibition runs from February 4th until the 21st.


Kinetic-Energy Powered LED Dress

Fashioning Technology


Captain Electric and Battery Boy: Prototypes for Wearable Power-Generating Artifacts

Joanna Berzowska, Marc Beaulieu, Vincent Leclerc, Gaïa Orain, Catherine Marchand, Catou Cournoyer, Emily Paris, Lois Frankel, Miliana Sesartic.

TEI 2010 - January 25-27 2010, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Copyright 2010.