Joanna Berzowska is Associate Professor of Design and Computation Arts and Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Technologies at Concordia University. She is a member of the Hexagram Research Institute in Montreal and the founder and research director of XS Labs, where her team develops innovative methods and applications in electronic textiles and responsive garments.

Anne-Marie is a master student at Concordia University in Design, Fibres and Anthropology. Her research is about fashion design and tactility. While she was studying fashion design at UQÀM, she completed an internship at the Chinese fashion designer Zhang Da’s studio in Shanghai. One of her projects was presented at MOMU, in Belgium. Anne-Marie's inspiration emerges from the exploration of the unknown and the consideration of intangible ideas. She is interested in the passage of time, emotions and contemporary philosophy. She tries to transcend the boundaries of fashion. New technologies and contemporary textiles fascinates her.

Marc Beaulieu is a recent Concordia University graduate with a BFA Specialization in Computation Arts and holds a DEP in Cabinetmaking. Marc loves building -- whether it be with solids, textiles or bits & pixels. His current focus is in the areas of altering, enhancing and recontextualising objects and ideas through electronics, lighting and video to create standalone or interactive responsive experiences. Marc is currently indulging in his passions as a Research Assistant at XS Labs.

Gaïa Orain studies design at Concordia University in Montreal. Her primary interest is textile design and enjoys the challenge of rendering a planar surface into a 3-d creation whether garment, object or furniture. True to her name, she is vested in sustainable design practices. She has a particular fondness for William Morris and a curious fascination with online subcultures. Gaïa is continuously learning and refining her skills as a research assistant. She aspires to practice and teach design after her graduate studies in the same field.

Vincent Leclerc mixes inductors and bread dough in the hope one day to create a crusty 802.11 baguette. He is the co-founder of ESKI, a design studio that specializes in physical computing and interaction design. Concurrently, he collaborates with XS Labs to develop innovative methods and applications in electronic textiles and responsive garments. He also teaches the fine art of physical computing to savvy undergrads in the Design & Computation Arts department at Concordia University. Vincent recently obtained his Masters of Science from MIT after graduating from Concordia in Computer Science and Computation Arts. He currently lives in Montréal, Canada.

Catherine is an undergraduate student in the department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University. In contrast with her traditional studio arts background, her current focus is on electronics and physical computing, with a strong interest in electronic textiles. Catherine considers she's finally found her home within this intriguing field where art meets technology, and hopes to pursue her studies in a related discipline following her BFA at Concordia.

Emily Paris is currently enrolled in Design Art at Concordia University, with a Fine Arts DEC from Heritage College, Quebec. She has also studied Textile Design at l'École Nationale des Beaux Arts in Lyon, France. Currently, she lives and works in Montreal. Her work focuses on hand-made graphics, issues of sustainability, and reviving traditional styles and ideologies common to the Arts and Crafts movement. Emily is always looking to challenge contemporary understandings of 2D design both conceptually and formally.
Catherine Cournoyer studied Studio Arts at Concordia and is now enrolled in the Design and Computation art program. Her main focuses are silkscreen, textile and illustration. She also started her own clothing accessories company called Noujica a year ago. Catherine is also strongly interesting in electronic textile and environmental issues in design.





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