CEBB Prototypes
Lois Frankel

LOLLYloop-lights are human-generated power wearables that magnetically draw friends together for active fun and conversation.

Altogether they replace or complement candles in the centre of a table to create a unique ambiance. Individually, they are distinctive pieces of jewelry that each friend can wear upon parting as a slowly fading memory of companionship. Each loop can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on individual preference. Each LOLLYloop-light is versatile enough to be worn around the neck, wrist, waist, head, arm, leg or any other part of the body as long as the ends come together. Several can be worn together, or they can be worn on their own.

The LOLLYloop-lights are "parasites" that get their nourishment through a connection to the winding heart when power has been generated by human kinetic energy. The light lasts as long as the charge does, gently fading as the power dies. Without light each LOLLYloop-light remains a special piece of jewelry, reminding its wearer of her special friends and giving her something to look forward to. The next time she gathers with her friends they can recharge their LOLLYloops and so symbolically rekindle the glowing warmth of their friendship.