CEBB Prototypes
Marc Beaulieu

On the sole of each shoe is a squeeze-trigger, power-generating module sandwiched between sprung blocks. The power accumulated by stepping is stored in order to power the lamp.

The motion allowed by the intentionally cumbersome shoes varies from a steady walk, to a drunken swagger, to a tired foot-dragging, depending on the physicality and ability of the walker. The weight of issues pertaining to power conservation, sustainability of resources, and basic personal environmental responsibility are embodied in the choreography created by the shoes. Being aware of every step one takes evokes the notion of the carbon footprint of (hu)man(s).

Meanwhile, at the end of a long day, one can connect the lamp to the shoes through a magnetic connection and gain artificial illumination for evening relaxation. A causal relationship is thus established between the amount of labour, or steps taken, and the amount of relaxation time earned.

The shoes are constructed of wood, but the lamp, shaped to evoke the notion of a tree, is made of Plexiglas with LEDs at the base. This purposeful conflict in materials echoes the current misuse of resources (both natural and artificial) and points to a future where the depletion of resources has forced a self-sustaining, off-the-grid existence where people are responsible for their own power creation.