CEBB Prototypes
'A Question of Power'
Nirit Aslan & Zoe Dominiak

The final realization of any question of power is that of symbiosis. A binary relationship between submission and dominance is predicated on the existence of both in a singular concept - in this case control.

Connected by fetishistic garments, the submissive and the dominant play off each other - each leading, each following. A battery in the submissive's wrist-strap is charged by the ongoing pulls and releases of the leash-like string held by the master. As a show of power, a line of red LEDs lights up the gloved arm of the master.

Once the battery is charged, the submissive has the option of giving the collected energy to the master or using it for himself. The charged battery, placed in the master's collar, activates a vibrator close to the skin of the neck. In this scenario the visceral thrill produced for the master is a symbolic act of gratitude recognizing the attentive control of the dominatrix.

Otherwise the submissive can turn from the game and use the battery to illuminate a lamp, here a symbolic act of isolation, excluding the master from the glow of the light and denying the future of the relationship

A Question Of Power