CEBB Prototypes from DART 339: Second Skin & Software, Winter 2008, Concordia University.
Captain Electric & Battery Boy

The following prototypes are a selection of student projects from the winter 2008 design arts course "Second Skin and Softwear" at Concordia University. Students were provided with the theme of 'Human Powered Illumination', a variety of human-powered flashlights and a custom designed circuit board (CEBB1) to collect the generated power, develloped by XSLabs in collaboration with ESKI Studios.

The resulting creations varied both in concept and material use. In addition, some students chose to develop soft wearables to house or conceal the solid power-generating components, other's chose to use harder materials, or to forgo wearables all together and focus their creativity on installation pieces, or representative objects.

A Question Of Power
Nirit Asland & Zoe Dominiak

Being: Seeing
Emily Paris

Chi Lamp
Mia Lohe Chung

Marc Beaulieu

Happy Times
Catherine Cournoyer

Catherine Marchand

Lois Frankel

Mind Garden
Gaïa Orain

The Belt
Rosalie Duval

Catherine Gibbard

Stephanie Gericitano